Expanding sales channels

Recre Solutions gives practical help in expanding your sales channels outside your home country. Through our network and joint partnerships, we offer sales possibilities in the whole of Europe.marketresearch

Our specialists live locally and know the local market. Beside this, they all have experience in tourism. Essential to start new business abroad! Depending on your wishes we make contact for you with third sales parties or we help in developing your own business.

To be able to develop your own business, we offer a full operational service. An ideal way to start a new market and find out what the possibilities are! 

Recre Solutions can offer the following services:

After sales

Good after sales is essential for long-term success on the local market. Our customer service center has experienced people who see every contact as a possibility to build on customer relations. We can make the difference for you, ensuring a long term relationship with the local customer.

Local payment methods

Customers want to pay quickly and easily. A trusted and local payment method is essential for this. Recre Solutions has partnerships with most European online payment systems and will help you in  making the right arrangements for this.

Local address and phone number

After salesCustomers like to book with local companies. It generates trust and an opportunity to visit the office. We can supply you with a local office which can be communicated to your customers. We also arrange for a local phone number and receive your daily post. We are there to man your office and gain trust for your local customers.

Email support

We offer a customer email service with local employees who have experience in tourism. Every mail is a possibility to make a good impression and make the difference between a sale and resale. This way we make bookings for you and work on your image on the local market. We answer the email within 4 hours after receiving it.

Call Center

call-center-software-qsuiteWe offer a call center service with local people who have experience in tourism. Every call is a possibility to make a good impression and make the difference between a sale and resale. Our experienced sales team will give the customer a holiday feeling as soon as they contact us. This way we not only make bookings for you, but we work on your positive name in the local market. We answer the phone with your company name and can be seen as your own employee.

E-marketing / Marketing activities

marketing_clipped_rev_1Our local people know what works and what does not. The way of working will be different per country and culture. We will make sure your online search ability is maximised  by Google Adwords campaigns, affiliate programmes, social media messages, etc. Beside this, we can arrange for your off line marketing. We know which channels you can use best in order to reach your potential customers and make your local marketing more effective.

Translating Service

To work on a foreign market, a translated and local website is essential. Our people are specialised in tourism and know the local market. We can give your translated website a local feeling, scan on faults in wording, SEO or translation errors. We can also translate your  complete home website from scratch.

Market Research

market-research21Before you start, you would like to know what the possibilities are. Our local market experts are there for you. We look into things like: size of the market, local jurisdiction, competition, sales channels, customer potential, pricing levels, marketing costs, SEO possibilities, etc.

Interested to hear what Recre Solutions can do for you? Please contact us for more information or to receive a free proposition.