Other services

We offer several services and gladly discuss the various possibilities with you.service
Some examples of other services that we have offered in the past:

  • Recruiting and selecting suitable staff from different countries. For more info on job vacancies, please look here
  • Coaching on the job in the field of contract negotiations
  • Help in finding international business partners in the camping industry
  • International purchase assignments
  • Training camping managers
  • Organising and manning trade fairs abroad
  • Contract negotiations concerning prices, quality, allotments
  • Consultancy assignment’s. Answers to questions like: How do I increase my low-season occupancy? Are my prices at the right level, how do I compare to competitors? Which sales channels can be added? What is my revenue per pitch/rental? How do I communicate with my customers? Etc.


Interested to hear what Recre Solutions can do for you? Please contact us for more information or to receive a free proposition.